Public Consultation on Draft Clamping Code of Practice to Begin

14 October 2019


The National Transport Authority (NTA) has published today a draft of the Clamping Code of Practice for Parking Controllers and Clamping Operators, and is now open to public consultation for written submissions or observations.

The Code of Practice, intended to supplement the Vehicle Clamping Act of 2015 and the Vehicle Clamping and Signage Regulations 2017, will provide practical guidance to parking controllers and clamping operators regarding compliance with the Act or regulations made under it, and will establish standards in relation to general behaviour, performance of duties and conduct.

The consultation will run from 14 October to 11 November 2019 and public submissions will be taken into account before the finalisation of the document.

Written submissions in relation to the Draft Code of Practice may be made in one of the three following ways:

All submissions must include the subject of the submission, the full name and address of the person making the submission and, where relevant, the name of the body or organisation represented.

NTA is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 and, therefore, must consider any request for information made under that Act.

Any submissions received may be published.

Closing date for receipt of submissions is 17.00, Monday 11 November 2019.