Commercial Bus Services in Ireland 2022 Bulletin

Commercial Bus Services are provided under license by the NTA and are not subsidised by the state, except for those compensated for the fare forgone providing for offering the 50% discount to 19-23 year-olds and to full-time third-level students.

The Commercial Bus Services in Ireland Bulletin 2022 shows between 2020 and 2022 total passenger journeys on commercial bus services almost doubled, increasing by 98% or 9.2 million passenger journeys to 18.6 million passenger journeys. The level of increase in 2022 was driven by significant increases on Greater Dublin Area (GDA) services. In 2022 commercial bus services recorded 82.3 million vehicle kilometres with a total ticket revenue of €172.1 million.

For reference, previous version:  Commercial Bus Services Statistical Bulletin for 2021