Infrastructure Equality Guidance

Funding infrastructure that meets the needs of all members of society

The NTA recognises the importance of funding infrastructure that meets the needs of all members of society. It is our objective to ensure that infrastructure provided by the NTA is suitable for all needs and addresses the Equal Status Act 2000-2018.

The Infrastructure Equality Guidance is intended to provide a document for use by local authorities, consultants, and anyone involved in the design of active travel infrastructure in Ireland to promote the development of accessible and equitable infrastructure.

What the Infrastructure Equality Guidance sets out

The Infrastructure Equality Guidance sets out guidelines to follow in order to achieve equitable infrastructure development. These guidelines are intended for use on all active travel schemes funded by the NTA which result in new construction or permanent changes to a street layout.
The guidance presents a number of common design issues to be aware of when designing or upgrading an active travel scheme and outlines the different guidance documents which should be utilised in design to ensure that the infrastructure is designed in an accessible and equitable way.

Please note, in all instances, the designer should refer to IS EN: 17210: Accessibility and Usability of the Built Environment and S.R. CEN TR 17621:2021 – Functional and Technical Requirements.

The document includes sections on mitigating issues, gathering feedback from the community, and how to audit a design or environment, with checklists for audits included.

Infrastructure Equality Guidance

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