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Specification of Red Surface Course for Use on Off-Road Urban Cycleways
– Interim Technical Advice



This Interim Technical Advice (ITA) provides the Specification for Red Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) surface course for use on off-road urban cycleways.
The Off-Road cycleway is a facility that is physically segregated from the road pavement by, for example, a verge or kerb.

Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixtures

SMA mixtures for off-road urban cycleways shall comply with this ITA which is derived from Standard Recommendation S.R. 28 (2018) “Recommendation for the use and implementation of the I.S. EN 13108 series bituminous mixtures – material specifications” and IS EN 13108-5 “Bituminous Mixtures – Material Specifications – Part 5: Stone Mastic Asphalt”.

Complying with relevant requirements for SMA surface course mixtures

SMA for off-road urban cycleways shall also comply with the relevant requirements for SMA surface course mixtures under CC-SPW-00900 (July 2022) “Specification for Works – Road Pavements Bituminous Materials”, including Clause 1 General Requirements and Definitions, Clause 2 Preparatory Work, Clause 5 Stone Mastic Asphalt Products, Clause 9 Reclaimed Asphalt, Clause 10 Works and Clause 11 Tables of CC-SPW-00900 unless otherwise specified in this ITA.

Detailed information on bituminous material types including SMA, and surfacing processes, together with advice on their use, is provided in Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Publications DN-PAV-03024 and DN-PAV-03074. Reference should also be made to the TII Publications DN-PAV-03023, DN-GEO-03047, CC-SPW-00700, CC-SPW-00800 and CC-GSW-00900 where applicable.