Planning Cities and Towns for Successful Bus Services

BusConnects and Connecting Ireland Redesigning bus networks for cities, towns, villages and rural areas

For many years the national government of Ireland has been increasing its investment in bus services across the country.

The purpose of this note is to guide future planning decisions towards outcomes that are supportive of public transport, especially bus services. This effort has been informed by the challenges confronted and lessons learned by the NTA and Local Authorities during the BusConnects and Connecting Ireland programmes.

The recommendations in this note can inform other planning documents, including:

  • The National Planning Framework;
  • Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSES);
  • Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies, including the definition of frequent public transport corridors;
  • County Development Plans;
  • Local Area Plans;
  • Local Transport Plans;
  • Masterplans; and
  • Large Scale Development Planning Applications.