AVL systems are required for service control of buses, communications with drivers, and the current generation of real-time information for on-street displays, websites and mobile apps . The information recorded by AVL is also central to the transport operator performance management function of the Authority, by tracking metrics on routes operated such as punctuality and stops serviced.

Additionally, AVL systems drive the on bus facilities to assist public transport users, e.g. audio announcements and internal and external screens with stop information and destinations etc.

Next Generation Automatic Vehicle Location (NG AVL)

The Authority is currently seeking to migrate to a next-generation of AVL solution that will be rolled out for use nationally across all public transport bus operators in the country. The current AVL systems are approaching end-of-life and a more advanced solution is being investigated that will meet the needs of bus operators and the public interest in the years ahead, while also being more efficient and cost-effective than the current systems.

A significant amount of work has been done already. In conducting market research, developing cost models, investigating strategic options and working with the Operators on defining technical and business requirements with a view to going out to the market in the coming period.