Transport Management Systems

Transport Technology provides and manages the technology solutions that support the following transport management systems:

Integrated Transport Management System

The Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS) is a web application used by regional transport coordination units (TCUs) for the management of TFI Local Link services. The ITMS also provides and supports the public websites providing information and access to services offered by each TCU regionally.

For more information about TFI Local Link services, visit TFI Local Link.

Automatic Vehicle Location

TT provides and manages the automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems deployed on public transport bus fleets nationwide. AVL systems are required for service control of buses, communications with drivers, and the generation of real-time information for on-street displays, websites and mobile apps. The information recorded by AVL is also vital to the transport operator performance management function of the Authority, through tracking metrics on routes, such as punctuality, stops serviced, etc.

Additionally, AVL systems drive the on-bus facilities to assist public transport users, e.g. audio announcements and internal and external screens with stop information and destinations etc.

Next-Generation Automatic Vehicle Location

In December 2023, the Authority awarded a new contract to implement and support a national AVL solution for all public service buses in the State. This contract will enable the NTA to consolidate the several existing bus AVL systems into one central system to be used by all public service bus operators in Ireland, and has expansion capacity to meet the growing demand for public transport in Ireland.

TT will be working with bus operators and other stakeholders to deliver this next-generation AVL (NGAVL) system over the next few years. We expect to be starting migration to this new system in 2025.

For more information about NGAVL, visit NGAVL contract award.