National Transport Authority Launch Consultation for Waterford City Bike Locations

The new service will see 14 stations delivered across the city over the coming months.

16 September 2021

The National Transport Authority and Waterford City and County Council have begun a two-week consultation process around locations for stations for the bike share scheme in Waterford City.  The scheme will incorporate 14 locations across the city and will become operational later this year.

The consultation will last from today (Thursday 16 of September) to Thursday the 30th of September and members of the public can make their submissions at The city bikes scheme has already been successfully launched in Cork, Galway and Limerick and the NTA hope the Waterford scheme will be just as successful. A similar scheme, supported by NTA was established by Dublin City Council in 2009.

Market research undertaken by the organisation have identified key improvements for the regional city bikes such as a new baskets, which were overwhelmingly requested as a priority by members of the public. Newly improved mudguards which offer more robust protection than the current fleet, and the rear lighting system will also be improved to cater for increased night usage of the service.

Further information

TFI Bikes are a self-service bike rental service open to all from 14-years old. Stations are conveniently located through each city making it easy to get around on a TFI Bike, whether it is commuting to work & meetings or some sight-seeing at your leisure.

TFI Bikes consists of stations with a terminal and stands for the bikes. The bikes are locked into the stands, when a bike is hired it is released by the system. On return, the bike is locked back into a stand at any station, and the hire is then completed.

An Annual Subscription is the easiest way to use TFI Bikes in the city – just present your card and enjoy the benefits, all year round, for just €10/year. The first 30-minutes of each hire is at no charge, for longer hires a service charge applies. The fund will be administered for the Department of Transport by the National Transport Authority.

Among the changes to the bikes are:

  • New Mudguard designs
  • New handlebar and basket designs
  • A new bike lock
  • A new chain guard
  • New Wheel rims
  • Updated bike lights
  • A new bike frame

Consultation Report

This consultation report is a summary of the submissions received during the consultation period in September 2021, and the responses to questions, feedback and comments received by the NTA.

The NTA would like to acknowledge and thank the public for their engagement in the process, and for taking the time to make comments and suggestions on the proposed Waterford Public Bike hire scheme.