NTA Statement on move to Covid Level 3

30 November 2020

Under Level 3 of the Plan for Living with Covid-19, from tomorrow morning public transport will go from 25% to 50% capacity.

With the resumption of retail, some hospitality and other activities, and given the fact that schools are still in term, we anticipate that demand for public transport will increase this week.

Social distancing measures are restricting capacity, so customers are advised to only use public transport for necessary journeys and to avoid peak-time travel.

If particular pressure points emerge in the coming days, NTA and the transport operators will seek to respond, and address them at local level if there is scope to do so.

We would ask people to avoid travelling at times of the day when a lot of school children and essential workers are using public transport, and only to use public transport for essential purposes.

SPSVs including taxis remain operational and available for business. Please use the TFI Driver Check App to ensure that the vehicle and SPSV driver are licensed.

We would like to thank our customers for complying to date with the requirement to wear a face covering while on board public transport and we look forward to their continued co-operation in this regard.

Anybody who can work from home should do so, and we continue to encourage people to walk or cycle where possible. Congestion caused by an increase in private cars may cause delays to public transport services, especially around key shopping centres in the cities.

We’d ask that intending passengers bear these factors in mind, allow more time for their journey and remain polite and respectful towards drivers and other transport workers.