NTA to Establish Transport Users Advisory Group

18 November 2021

The group will provide advice and recommendations to the Authority from the perspective of both transport users as well as those engaged in active travel

The National Transport Authority is now accepting applications from suitably qualified individuals for a newly established Transport Users Advisory Group (TUAG).

The Group is to be made up of regular users of public transport who interact with the various modes including train, tram, bus and taxi services as well as those engaged in active travel including cyclists and pedestrians.

It is envisaged that those involved would bring a breadth of knowledge and experience, and provide the Authority with valuable insights that can feed into future policy development and programme implementation.

Anne Graham, CEO of the NTA said:  

“We believe that opening this channel of discussion with those who regularly use public transport and active travel will be key in helping us to develop and implement strategies that provide high quality accessible, sustainable transport across Ireland. 

It’s a unique opportunity for people across various sectors to provide us with the knowledge and awareness as to what passenger’s current and future needs may be. Their insight will be a hugely valuable resource as far as NTA is concerned.

Consultation is always a primary consideration for NTA, and currently we have three major consultations under way: Cork BusConnects network; Connecting Ireland; and the GDA Transport Strategy. TUAG will provide us with another means of gaining a better understanding as to how we can make public transport more useful to more people.”

Fifteen places are available on the Transport Users Advisory Group and membership will be drawn from the following sectoral areas:

  • Four people representing the various modes of transport nationwide,
  • A person who is part of a group who represents the interests of cyclists,
  • A person who is part of a group who represent the interests of pedestrians,
  • Three people from organisations representing the interests of persons with disabilities,
  • A person from an organisation representing the interests of older persons,
  • A person who represents the interests of business,
  • A person who represents the interests of tourism,
  • A person who represents the interests of students,
  • A person, who is a regular user of Small Public Service Vehicles (taxis, hackneys, limousines),
  • A person, who has an expertise in matters relating to Local Link

A two-year term is proposed for members of this group. Candidates will be chosen following a selection process conducted by the NTA. The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday 17th December with a first meeting of this group planned for early 2022.

For more information on the recruitment process, visit: https://www.nationaltransport.ie/transport-user-advisory-group/