SPSV Fines for the Non-Compliant and SPSV Driver Licence Validity Period

16 August 2022

The Public Consultation on the proposed increase to SPSV Fines for the Non-Compliant – Focus on Safety, Consumer Protection and Services for Users with a Disability and SPSV Driver Licence Validity Period commenced today. This consultation focuses on consumer safety and protection, along with the proposal to introduce a new Fixed Penalty (fine) for discrimination against service users with a disability.

This will help to ensure public safety and quality of service delivery, together with compliant operator and consumer protection.

The consultation also includes an amendment to the current Taxi Regulations (Small Public Service Vehicle) Regulations 2015 in relation to the SPSV Driver Licence Validity Period.

Submissions to the consultation can be made by clicking here: https://www.nationaltransport.ie/public-consultations/

You will be required to register for the CiviQ consultation platform using your email address to make submissions to the public consultation. Once registered, you can use these details for future consultations.

The public consultations are open to submissions until 12:00pm Sunday 25 September 2022. Thereafter public consultation reports will be prepared for consideration by the NTA Board. If approved, the changes to regulations will likely be introduced in late 2022.