NTA Guidance for Capital funded Projects

External grant procedure


  • Capital Project and Grant Application Approval Procedures
    • The NTA’s ‘Capital Project and Grant Application & Approval Procedures (For Agencies/ Bodies External to the NTA)’ outline the process for the dissemination of capital grant funding to external agencies/bodies by the NTA from the Department of Transport annual capital funding allocation. They outline the process through which Capital projects are applied for, approved, and funded.
    • The key updates to the ‘Capital Project and Grant Application & Approval Procedures’ include:
      • Revisions to the approval thresholds for various grant forms to align with the amended project band sizes as per the NTA’s updated Project Approval Guidelines; and
      • In 2023, additional features were added to the PRS system and items such as the Grant Application Form can now completed in an online format on PRS. The updated procedures reflect the systematic submission and approval of various grant forms.
  • NTA Capital Grant Eligibility Guidelines
    • The ‘NTA Capital Grant Eligibility Guidelines’ outline the purpose and scope of the NTA’s Capital Grant, provide guidance in relation to claims made under the NTA’s Capital Grant, and the identify eligible expenditure items for grant funding by the NTA under its Capital Grant. These guidelines have been updated to provide further guidance and clarity, where required, to Sponsoring Agencies on the types of projects, programmes and expenditure which may be considered as eligible and those which are ineligible for NTA Capital Grant funding.
    • The updated guidelines amalgamate the following guidelines/ policies into a single combined document:
      • The NTA’s Capital Grant Funding Scope which sets out a number of key guiding principles relating to the types of projects, programmes, and expenditure which may be considered eligible for NTA Capital Grant Funding;
      • The NTA’s Claims Guidance which provides guidelines to Sponsoring Agencies in relation to eligible expenditure claims and the requisite supporting material for claims funded through the NTA’s Capital Grant; and
      • The NTA’s Eligible Capital Expenditure Guidelines which provide guidance to Sponsoring Agencies on the items of expenditure which are eligible and those which are ineligible.
  • External PRS Guide
    • PRS (Project Reporting System) is designed to facilitate the submission, processing and monitoring of expenditure claims for projects funded by the National Transport
      Authority. It also allows to submit online Grant Application Forms, Project Continuance Forms and Allocation Adjustment Forms and maintain approval workflow with secure online eSignature.