NTA Security Report 2023

Public Transport Passenger Personal Security Report

There are now approximately one million public transport journeys each weekday in the Republic of Ireland. This figure is expected to grow as new services are introduced through BusConnects, Connecting Ireland and upgrades to railway infrastructure. While the majority of journeys are undertaken without incident, some incidents can occur that impact directly and indirectly on customers. These incidents can make some customers feel generally unsafe while using public transport.
The interviews and surveys that form the basis of this report were undertaken throughout 2023 to establish people’s perceptions about their personal safety on public transport at stops and stations throughout the country as well as on board services. A number of groups of people including public transport users and non-public transport users, as well as public transport staff and management took part in the interviews and surveys. Details of the interview panels, survey methodologies and results are set out in the Appendices to this report.
It is important that customers feel safe when using public transport services throughout Ireland so this report will be carefully considered and recommendations will be implemented in the short, medium and long term subject to availability of the appropriate budget and resources

NTA Security Report - Final

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