Roundabout Retrofit – Including Rapid Build Options

Roundabout Retrofit Advice Note:

The purpose of this Advice Note is to provide guidance to Local Authorities and designers to develop retrofit options to improve the safety of existing roundabouts for Active Travel modes with a focus on rapid build, cost-effective construction methods and materials.

Full junction redesign and construction options are also presented within this note.
Retrofitting roundabouts using rapid build methods involves infrastructure improvements to an existing roundabout which utilise lower cost interventions than traditional construction methods. This can result in significant savings in cost and programme while providing a facility that is durable and does not compromise on the effectiveness of the safety improvements.
Interventions can range in scale for a given junction layout and setting, from light segregation to more robust construction methods and materials such as road markings, surface fixed kerbs, bollards and concrete overrun areas.

What does the Roundabout Retrofit Advice Note cover:

This note includes general information, design principles, key considerations and typical design elements for several types of roundabout retrofit options located within urban roads and streets (with a speed limit of 60 km/h or less). This Advice Note should be read in conjunction with NTA Active Travel Advice Note: Rapid Build Active Travel Facilities (ATAN-2023-01)