Sustainable Transport Measures Grant

In 2017, the National Transport Authority (NTA) merged the Sustainable Transport Measures Grant (STMG) programme (previously dedicated to the Greater Dublin Area) with the Regional Cities Grant (supporting projects in Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford) into one overall STMG fund, delivered through the Transport Development Division of the NTA.

The STMG programme aims to improve transport options for those choosing alternatives to the private car. The funding has become an important driver of change within the urban centres across the country.

With the collaboration of the local authorities and other state agencies, and with support for the projects through public and stakeholder consultation this programme is delivering significant infrastructural change, including:

  • Bridges
  • Bus infrastructure improvements
  • Cycle Corridors
  • Significant junction improvements
  • Pedestrian and cyclist friendly roundabouts
  • City Centre Traffic Management changes

The STMG programme continues to fund important local projects supporting pedestrian and cyclist permeability, safety and access to schools and public transport.

The annual programme reports detail infrastructural improvements sponsored by the National Transport Authority and delivered through local authorities.


Public Bikes in Regional Cities

The NTA provides public bike systems in Cork, Limerick and Galway.

The scheme is operated by An Rothar Nua, having been awarded the contract, and are known as ‘Coke Zero Bikes’. 

This service allows potential cyclists to use bikes either for free or at a low cost, and take/leave them at various docking stations throughout the cities.

A competitive tender to seek a partner for the scheme was initiated by the NTA in November 2012. Following this four companies entered the bidding process, with Coca-Cola Ireland being the successful partner.

Information on how to use the system is available on the official Coke Zero Bikes website.