NTA Transparency Statement

NTA Transparency Statement

As a state agency funded by public money, transparency and accountability are at the very heart of how we in the National Transport Authority (NTA) go about our business.

The Authority has far-reaching responsibilities in the areas of sustainability, public transport infrastructure, planning, investment and service provision, all of which have a national impact in communities across the country.

That is why, as far as NTA’s Board and management are concerned, it is of paramount importance to strive for the highest possible standards when it comes to ethics and good governance.

NTA’s corporate governance framework comprises elements of legislation, regulation, self-regulatory arrangements, voluntary codes, commitments and business practices to ensure the proper accountability for the stewardship of resources, accompanied by the robust scrutiny which places ongoing emphasis on improving performance.

Like all state agencies,  (NTA) is required to adhere to the ‘Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies’.

Measures for Compliance

This is a detailed document that enumerates several hundred separate measures for compliance by agencies, dealing with areas such as:

NTA is fully committed to meeting all the relevant ‘Code of Practice’ requirements and provides reports on these to the Audit & Risk Committee of the NTA Board on a regular basis.

Financial Statements

Our Financial Statements which are audited every year by the Comptroller and Auditor General, and laid before the Oireachtas for public scrutiny by the Committee on Public Accounts, making specific reference to matters such as:

Annual Report

Further Documents & Links

Arising from the Code of Practice, and indeed other political, administrative and regulatory requirements, NTA: