TFI Public Transport Network Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023 published

Latest survey shows 83% of people are satisfied with public transport services

14 February 2024

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has today published the results of its annual Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2023.

83% of passengers had a positive sentiment towards TFI services

The survey, of more than 6,000 transport users shows, eight in ten people or a total of 83% of passengers, had a positive sentiment towards services on the Transport for Ireland (TFI) public transport network.

Of the total, 39% of users said they were very satisfied, with a further 44% fairly satisfied with the TFI network. Customers were also asked about punctuality, reliability, convenience and accessibility of public transport services in the survey.

Connecting Ireland Rural Mobility Plan

The significant satisfaction rating was recorded over the past twelve months when record numbers of passengers used public transport – buses, trains and trams in our cities and towns. Services across the TFI network expanded in 2023 with over 60 new and enhanced bus services launched in towns and townlands, under the Connecting Ireland Rural Mobility Plan.

35% of those surveyed said public transport improved over the past year, with 50% saying it’s about the same and 5% saying it got worse.  The majority of those who took part in the survey said they would recommend public transport to a friend.

96% of passengers felt safe on-board

96% of passengers said they felt safe on-board public transport across all stages of their journey, while 95% of people said they were safe walking to and from stops.

TFI 90 Minute Fare

Value for money is a very important consideration for passengers, with 87% of them being either very or fairly satisfied. Customers welcomed public transport fare reductions with 76% of people aware of the TFI 90 minute fare in the Dublin area.   As a result of this initiative, three in five customers in the area said they are taking more public transport journeys.

The number of passengers using online and apps to check real time information has increased in the past year, with the TFI Live App being the most commonly used and 40% of users saying their App is very accurate and another 40% saying it is fairly accurate.

When asked for suggested areas to improve TFI services, better frequency, punctuality and more late night/weekend services were among the main suggestions.

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