Mid West Regional Model

The Mid West Regional Model (MWRM) is one of five models that comprise the Authority’s Regional Modelling System.

The MWRM covers:

  • Limerick
  • Clare
  • Tipperary

The MWRM is centred around Limerick City and includes 456 zones as follows:

  • Limerick City zones: 94
  • Limerick County zones: 126
  • Clare County zones: 131
  • North Tipperary County: 77
  • External zones: 26
  • Special zones: 2

The highway network in MWRM consists of:

  • 9371 assignment nodes
  • 14070 assignment links
  • 1318 Priority Junctions
  • 87 Signalised Junctions

The image shows the wider bus, rail and road network for the MWRM.

The public transport network in MWRM consists of:

  • Rail: 33 services
  • Bus Éireann: 162 services
  • Other buses: 53 services

The Development Reports for the MWRM can be viewed below.

Please note, appendices are available on request for certain reports.
The following 5 reports are incorporated in the one MWRM Development Report – below (attached).

  • MWRM Zone System Development Report
  • MWRM Road Model Development Report
  • MWRM PT Model Development Report
  • MWRM Demand Model Calibration Report
  • MWRM Active Modes Model Development Report

MWRM Model Development Report

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