Travel Information Services

Transport Technology provides and manages the technology solutions that support the following travel information services:

TFI Journey Planner

For more information about TFI Journey Planner, visit plan a journey.

TFI Live Apps

For more information about the TFI Live app, visit TFI Live app.

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Real-Time Passenger Information

Real-time passenger information (RTPI) on-street displays provide service departure information. Each RTPI unit displays a live countdown time in minutes for each departure expected from a particular stop. RTPI displays also have the ability to display service disruption information which is managed by fleet dispatchers, traffic controllers and An Garda Síochána.

Transport Technology provides and supports over 800 electronic displays at selected bus stops, stations, public buildings/areas, and key interchanges nationwide.

Additionally all real-time public transport information processed by the NTA is provided publically via general transit feed specification – real-time (GTFS-R) data feed. This information is used by services such as Google Maps, HERE Maps, Apple Maps and other third-parties.

For detail about current RTPI for specific bus stops, visit

Bus Stop Timetables

Transport Technology manages the production and update of bus stop timetables and route diagrams posted at bus stops and tram stations nationwide.

Public Transport Infrastructure Management System

For more information about the Public Transport Infrastructure Management System, visit PTIMS.

National Public Transport Access Nodes

For more information about the National Public Transport Access Nodes, visit NaPTAN.