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Connecting Ireland

Since January 2022, Connecting Ireland has launched over 100 new or enhanced bus routes nationwide. The result of this has been rural communities have access to frequent and affordable bus services that offer freedom travel and sustainable transport options. In 2024, the NTA is continuing to improve rural public transport services.


Following an in depth public consultation on the Connecting Ireland Rural Mobility Plan in 2021, the NTA started implementation of Phase 1 in January 2022. Connecting Ireland has delivered 38 new and enhanced bus services across various counties and almost €4m was invested in implementing these services.

The implementation has had a significant impact on rural communities by improving access to high frequency public transport bus services and have connected villages and towns to regional TFI bus and rail services. This increased connectivity is allowing people greater access to social, healthcare, educational and employment opportunities; Phase 1 has created 9 new connections to higher level education facilities and 10 new connections to hospitals.

Connecting Ireland Rural Mobility Report
Connecting Ireland – Public Consultation Feedback Infographic – English
Connecting Ireland Proposed Network Maps 2021
Connecting Ireland Quarterly Bulletin – Issue 1

Connecting Ireland – Phase 1 Key Achievements Infographic – English
Connecting Ireland Phase 1 – Implementation Review 2022

In 2023, Connecting Ireland launched 24 new and 41 enhanced bus services resulting in over 800,000 passenger journeys with over a third of these passenger journeys taking place on new services. Additionally, there was a 36% patronage increase on enhanced services when compared to 2022 passenger journey figures.

The 65 services launched last year have connected 190 towns and villages, 34 colleges, 42 hospitals and provided 49 connections to rail services meaning it is easier to access education and healthcare opportunities and connect to the wider TFI Network.

The 65 bus routes introduced in 2023 added 120,000 kilometres to the Transport for Ireland (TFI) Public Transport Network giving people who live outside major towns and cities an opportunity to travel, and giving others the choice to travel more sustainably and leave their car at home.

Connecting Ireland Phase 2 Implementation Plan 2023
Connecting Ireland Quarterly Bulletin – Q1 2023

Connecting Ireland Quarterly Bulletin – Q2 2023
Connecting Ireland Quarterly Bulletin – Q3 2023
Connecting Ireland Quarterly Bulletin – Q4 2023
Connecting Ireland Phase 2 Key Achievements Infographic

2024 is the third year of the five-year plan and we aim to continue introducing more new and enhanced bus services throughout Ireland.

Connecting Ireland Quarterly Bulletin – Q1 2024

The Connecting Ireland Rural Mobility Plan will continue the roll-out of routes until 2026.