Infrastructure Guidelines (IGs)

Infrastructure Guidelines (IGs)

Forthcoming changes to this webpage: On 21 December 2023 the Department of Public Expenditure, NPD Delivery and Reform published the Infrastructure Guidelines (IGs) setting out the value for money guidelines for the evaluation, planning, and management of public investment projects, including purchase or acquisitions of assets or shareholdings, in Ireland. The Infrastructure Guidelines replace the Public Spending Code. These pages will therefore be updated to reflect the Infrastructure Guidelines over the coming months.
To aide the adoption of the IGs the NTA has developed the  Infrastructure Guidelines Summary Bulletin which captures the main changes from the PSC to the IGs and summarises the stages project sponsors should follow throughout the lifecycle of a transport project.


This webpage aims:

  • To assist sponsoring agencies and preparers of business cases and Infrastructure Guidelines (IGs) deliverables.
  • To provide guidance and resources of the IGs process, such as a workflow, templates and examples of business cases.
  • To disseminate outcomes of research in transport economics conducted by the Capital Programme Office

This webpage supports the NTA Project Approval Guidelines (PAGs) and the Project Reporting System (PRS) by providing further guidance on the Infrastructure Guidelines Deliverables preparation, review and approvals.

For the Project Reporting System (PRS) please go to: Link

To access, please follow the :  PRS user manual

PRS External Training Guide v1.2

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