Research Outputs

The Capital Programme Office supports the NTA through robust research on Transport Economics. It is part of the research community at the NTA and the wider Transport sector research ecosystem.

The Transport Economics Team

The Transport Economics Team inside the Capital Programme Office has extensive experience in economics and transport policy. The Transport Economics Team conducts research projects to support evidence-driven public transport policy and contributes to the NTA activities for delivering effective public transport solutions.

The National Sustainable Mobility Policy informs a specific research programme in the CPO intended to provide insights based on rigorous evidence to support decision making.

Some of the outputs from the research are:

  • Inflation forecast. The NTA commissioned and oversaw the production of a report and bulletin intended to provide insights to Quantity Surveyors and Cost Managers in the preparation of their estimates to better inform their business cases.
  • Transport Appraisal indicators
  • Transport and accessibility appraisal piloting
  • Programmatic approach in the planning, appraising, and managing transport investment
  • Active Travel Programme monitoring and evaluation.

For more information on research in transport economics conducted at the CPO, ask to:

Research and Publications