Submission Instructions for IGs Business Cases

To submit your IGs deliverable for review prior to consideration by the Capital Programme Committee and by the NTA Board, please send it through to your NTA project manager contact point. If you have any questions, please ask to

Instructions for submissions

Deliverables for each approval gate should be submitted to programme managers at the NTA. On the subject, please state the name of the project, the type of IGs deliverable (PBC, DBCPEPPS, or FBC), and the month for which the approval on the document is sought. In the main body of the mail, please include capital expenditure (capex) and operating expenditure (opex) of the project and the Approval Gate for which approval is sought.

The material to be submitted for review is as follows:

  • Final version of the relevant IGs deliverable seeking Approval Gate (AG) Approval.
    • AG1: Preliminary Business Case [PBC];
    • AG2: Detailed Business Case, Project Execution Plan and Procurement Strategy [DBCPEPPS] (only for schemes with estimated capital costs over €20m);
    • AG3: Final Business Case [FBC].
  • Final version of the documents which TAF also requires submission to the Approving Authority.
    • Prior to PBC: Project/Programme Outline Document [POD] or Strategic Assessment (SA) (only for schemes with estimated capital costs over €20m)
    • Between the submissions of the POD/SA and PBC: Longlist Assessment Report [LAR] (only for schemes with estimated total costs over €200m)

Please bear in mind that the review will be conducted only on final versions, and not on Drafts. All legible intended appendices should also be submitted accompanying the full report.

An executive summary report is required if the full document is greater than 10 pages.

As a general guideline, the executive summary report should be no more than 10% in length of the full document.

Most Common Mistakes in IGs Deliverables

The CPO provides a note that outlines the most common mistakes identified at the IGs review stage and includes advice to mitigate these mistakes.
This list may change from time to time depending on the CPO observations of future IGs reviews.

The Most Common Mistakes in IGs Deliverables

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