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Latest News for SPSV Operators

The Board of the National Transport Authority met today (December 19) to consider the recent Taxi Fares Review and the review of Taxi Regulations.  The Board decided to increase the maximum taxi fare by an average of 4%, to take effect on April 30, 2015 and to simplify the fare structure by reducing the number…

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Date Booking line0761 064 000 Information line 0761 064 000 Inspection centres  24/12/2014 Open 9am-1pm Open 9am-1pm Open 9am-1pm 25/12/2014 Closed Closed Closed 26/12/2014 Closed Closed Closed 27/12/2014 Closed Closed Closed 28/12/2014 Closed Closed Closed 29/12/2014 Open 9am-6pm Open 9am-6pm Closed 30/12/2014 Open 9am-6pm Open 9am-6pm Open 9am-2pm 31/12/2014 Open 9am-6pm Open 9am-6pm Closed 01/01/2015…

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