Fixed Payment Notices Issued: December 2022

From 1 January 2023 the prescribed amounts for Fixed Payment Offences have increased as a result of the Small Public Service Vehicle (Fixed Payment Offences and Driver Licence Period) Regulations.

In addition to these changes, a new Fixed Payment Offence has been introduced for the refusal of a driver of a SPSV to carry a passenger in a wheelchair. The amount for this is €250, reflecting the gravity and nature of the offence.

Fixed Payment Notice offence Penalty FPNs issued
Failure to display required in-vehicle information €40 1
Standing at appointed stand while vehicle not available for hire €40 2
Standing for hire at a place other than an appointed  stand €40 1
Failure to print and offer a receipt in the prescribed form to a passenger upon completion of a journey in a taxi €40 4
Failure to make available a receipt in the prescribed form to a passenger upon completion of a journey in a hackney or limousine €40 3
Failure to comply with taxi roof sign requirements €40 10
Failure to notify details of small public service vehicle being operated €40 9
Failure to operate taximeter while taxi on hire €60 2
Failure to comply with the requirements in relation to the fitting and operation of a taximeter €60 4
Failure to display required driver identification €60 2
Failure to comply with vehicle standards applicable to licensing category €60 3
Failure to carry a functioning cashless payment device €200 3
Failure to accept cashless payment €200 4
Unreasonable refusal to carry a passenger where the journey is not more than 30 kilometres. €80 11
Failure to have prescribed signage affixed to the front doors of a taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi €250 1