Driver Linking

Driver Linking

Create a Driver Link via:

Regulation 51 of the Taxi Regulation (Small Public Service Vehicle) Regulations 2015 states that:

“the holder of a licence to drive small public service vehicles shall not drive a vehicle as a small public service vehicle unless, prior to driving such vehicle, he or she notifies the Authority of the proposed driving of such vehicle”

NTA maintains a database of links between each licensed SPSV and its current driver. It is the driver’s legal responsibility to ensure that this information is current at all times by informing NTA whenever they take over the operation of an SPSV.  It is a criminal offence not to have a link notified to NTA when operating.

You must create a new driver to vehicle link:

  • Before you start driving each taxi, hackney or limousine;
  • If you change your vehicle; and
  • If your driver licence or vehicle licence expires.

This database feeds into the NTA public safety app, Driver Check, which allows users to verify the licence and registration status of any SPSV they intend to hire.


The SPSV+ App is the easiest and fastest way for SPSV licence holders to complete their required notifications on the go. Once you have registered you can use this app to add and update driver to vehicle links and rental agreements.

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SPSV Online Services

Information on how to register for SPSV Online Services can be found in NTA’s guide here.

When registering for SPSV Online Services you will be required to enter your account registration number, which can be found in the letter or email sent to you by the NTA. If you cannot locate your account registration details please email or call the SPSV Information Line on 0818 064 000 to request your registration details.

You can register for SPSV Online Services via the app or the online portal. Thereafter it will be possible to maintain and update driver links using the SPSV+ app.

SMS Service

Once you have registered for SPSV Online Services, you can set up the SMS Service, which enables you to create and end links using text messages.

Information on how to register and use the SMS Service can be found in the registration guide.


SPSV Information Line

If you have not registered for SPSV Online Services you can create a driver to vehicle link by contacting the SPSV Information Line on 0818 064 000.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  • SPSV driver licence number
  • SPSV vehicle licence number
  • Vehicle registration/details of the make, model and colour
  • The period of the driver to vehicle link required