Surrendering an SPSV vehicle licence

An SPSV vehicle licence must be surrendered in the event that:

  • The licence holder is no longer operating or no longer wishes to hold an SPSV vehicle licence
  • The licence holder is deceased

How to surrender an SPSV Vehicle Licence

  1. Complete the ‘I wish to surrender this Licence’ section on the back of the licence certificate.
  2. Read the declaration and then sign and date it to confirm that you understand and accept it.
  3. Send the completed form and the tamper-proof discs to the NTA at the following address:

SPSV Licensing Section
National Transport Authority
PO BOX 436
City North Business Park
Tuam Road

Please ensure that all other items marking the vehicle as an SPSV are removed, i.e. taxi roof sign, taximeter and taxi door branding.

Note that once a licence has been surrendered, it can never be reactivated.

If you also hold an SPSV Driver Licence and wish to surrender that, this will need to be done separately.