Appealing a decision on a licence

The holder of a licence which is revoked or an applicant for a grant, amendment, renewal or transfer of a licence may appeal to the Authority in writing against a decision, or any specific part of a decision, taken by the Authority within 21 days of the date of notice of that decision.

Prior to appealing any decision, it is recommended that all Operators consult the Authority’s Guidelines.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Authority will appoint an officer of the Authority, of a rank that is the same or higher than the deciding officer who made the decision that is being appealed. This officer will serve as an independent appeals officer to consider and decide on the appeal. The appeals officer will review the decision in its entirety.

The appeals officer may seek information from the petitioner or a third party.

The decision of the appeals officer, and the reasons for making that decision, shall be notified in writing to the petitioner.

The decision of the appeals officer is final and conclusive, unless the decision is appealed to the Circuit Court

Appeals to the Circuit Court

The appellant may, within 14 days after the date of the notification of the decision of the appeals officer, appeal to the judge of the Circuit Court in whose Circuit the appellant resides or principally carries out his or her business.

Where an appellant appeals to the judge of the Circuit Court the appellant must at the same time notify the Authority in writing of that appeal and the decision of the appeals officer is suspended until the outcome of the appeal to the Circuit Court or the appeal is withdrawn.