Swords – Ashbourne (Route 197)

Swords – Ashbourne (Route 197) overview

In November 2019, The National Transport Authority (NTA) entered into a contract with Go-Ahead Ireland for the provision of the public bus service Route 197.

This bus route runs between Swords and Ashbourne, with stops in:

  • Swords
  • Rathbeale Road
  • Rolestown (following construction of 2 new stops)
  • Nine Milestone
  • Ashbourne

This Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract outlines the performance requirements that Go-Ahead Ireland must meet in return for the payment of a public subsidy. A proportion of that payment is withheld each month and is only paid if the performance targets are met by Go-Ahead Ireland.

Contract and Schedules:

The contract provides for the approval by the Authority of any service changes outlined in Schedule 1 of the Contract.

The performance of Go-Ahead Ireland is reviewed by the Authority quarterly. See performance reports here.