Cavan – Longford (Route 975)

Cavan – Longford (Route 975) overview

In 2016, the National Transport Authority (NTA) entered into a contract with Andrew Wharton for the provision of the public bus service Route 975.

This bus route runs between Longford and Cavan Institute of Technology, with stops in:

  • Cahanagh Cross
  • Leitrim Cross
  • Drumlish
  • Ballinamuck
  • Legga Cross
  • Moyne Cross
  • Arvagh
  • Coronea
  • Cornafead
  • Crossdoney

This Public Service Obligation (PSO) contract outlines the performance requirements that Andrew Wharton must meet in return for the payment of a public subsidy.  A proportion of that payment is withheld each month and is only paid if the performance targets are met by Andrew Wharton.

Contract and Schedules:

The contract provides for the approval by the Authority of any service changes outlined in Schedule 1 of the Contract.

The performance of Andrew Wharton Limited is reviewed by the Authority quarterly and are available below.

Performance Reports

Andrew Wharton is required to report quarterly on their performance against the targets set out in the Public Service Obligation (PSO) contracts. The performance reports are available to view here.