Guidelines for Licensing

Note before reading the Guidelines for the Licensing of Public Bus Passenger Services

Section 16 of the Road Traffic Act 2002 commenced with effect from 01 February 2013. Section 16 transferred the responsibilities for the location of bus stops from An Garda Síochána to the Local Authorities.

As a result, from 01 February 2013 the National Transport Authority will only accept stop approvals on a public road from the relevant Local Authority.

The Guidelines for the licensing of bus passenger services explain the Authority’s approach for considering applications for commercial public bus passenger service licences.

The Guidelines set out the procedures for licensing including:

The Guidelines also outline indicative timeframes for completion of the process and the conditions that may be applied in respect of a licence.

The Guidelines were adopted by the Authority’s Board in November 2010 following a public consultation process. A report was prepared to assist the Board in its deliberations and this is available hereunder:

Public Consultation on the Draft Guidelines for Licensing of Public Bus Passenger Services