New Licence Applications

Prior to making an application, all operators should consult the Authority’s Guidelines

Application forms should be filled in electronically and include, as appropriate:

  • Details regarding the nature of the proposed service, fares, estimated capacity of vehicles to be used, details of the accessibility status of vehicles proposed for the service
  • A detailed electronic timetable for the proposed service including a departure and arrival time for each pick-up and set-down point along the route on the outward and return journeys
  • An Ordnance Survey Ireland map to a scale 1:20,000 for urban and suburban areas and 1:50,000 for all other areas, preferably on a web-based geographical file, identifying and naming each set down point clearly along the proposed route.

The form must then be printed off and where application fees are required, all relevant fees must be received before an application is registered. The relevant application form and section 13 of the Guidelines for the licensing of bus passenger services provide further information regarding fees and payment.

The Bus License Application Form is available here as a writeable PDF.