Services Requiring a Licence

A public bus passenger service is defined in the Public Transport Regulation Act 2009 (PTR Act 2009) as a service where:

  • Each journey is open to use by any member of the public;
  • A charge or charges are paid in respect of each passenger; and
  • Except where the Authority otherwise determines, the service is provided on a regular and scheduled basis and carriage is provided between specified terminal points or along a specified route or otherwise in accordance with a published timetable.

All public bus passenger services require a bus licence as per the PTR Act 2009 except for:

  • Those provided solely for the carriage of children to or from school;
  • Services that are subject to a Public Services Obligation Contract entered into under Section 48 of the DTA Act 2008;
  • International services (authorised under EU regulations)
  • Private-hire services where a bus is hired on behalf of a group for a fee that is determined independent of the number of passengers carried.