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Latest News for SPSV Operators

This list shows which taximeters can operate with dual programs that will allow you to get your taximeter updated with the 2018 fare now.

Note that for some taximeters there is more than one program/installer and so you should check with your installer that their individual program is LMS approved.

Once the programme is installed, Applus is the authorised verifier of taximeters appointed by LMS for the verification and sealing of the taximeter in the licensed taxi: they are now able to verify meters with the dual programmed 2018 fare. Contact them on 01 413 5951 to book a taximeter verification appointment.

This list will be frequently updated as more programs are approved by LMS.

SITT/Locallink Donegal manages the daily transport needs for patients attending for Renal Dialysis at Letterkenny University Hospital 365 days a year, with an average yearly distance travelled of over 1.3m km, by taxi and hackney operators.

New contracts for this work are shortly to be commenced through open tendering and the procurement will score sustainable transport with the highest marks where possible. It is envisaged that in the future, all SPSV services delivered for Local Link Nationally will be sustainable in line with the Government targets.

Purpose of the Conference:

  • To present the results of a pilot project with Letterkenny University Hospital renal dialysis transport providers, sustainable transport vehicle manufactures and the SEAI.
  • To present information on sustainable transport opportunities and supports – both national and local (e.g. Electric Vehicles, Plug in Hybrids and Hybrids)
  • To provide information on all grants and supports available
  • To provide an opportunity for transport providers to explore the application of these models and identify any issues that need to be addressed.”

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