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Latest News for SPSV Operators

In April, Compliance Officers detected six individuals operating without valid SPSV licences; two in Cork and one each in Offaly, Clare, Wexford and Roscommon.

Compliance officers recorded 1065 formal checks of small public service vehicles during the month. In April, 33 Fixed Payment Notices were issued, with the majority of these for drivers who were not associated to the vehicle that they were driving.

Complaints April 2015

A total of 115 complaints were received during April 2015.  The majority of these complaints related to behaviour of drivers.

Prosecutions in April 2015

In March, the Authority prosecuted 7 cases at District Courts around the country. Four of these matters were heard, and three have been adjourned to a later date. Of the four cases heard, all resulted in convictions. 1 of these cases concerned an operator without a valid licence, and 3 were for non-payment of a Fixed Payment Notice

From 2 June 2015 the National Transport Authority will no longer accept payments by cheque for SPSV licensing or skills test appointments. This is being implemented as part of a wider strategy to migrate from paper payment processes to electronic alternatives. It also follows government directives for public sector bodies to phase out the acceptance of cheques from business users.

After this date, it will be possible to make payments by credit or debit card, or alternatively by bank draft or postal order. Any cheque payments received will be returned to the payee, along with all documentation received with it, and the application will not be processed.

Should you have any queries about this, please submit an enquiry to

The new Taxi Regulation Act 2013 (Maximum Fares) Order 2015 came into effect yesterday. 

Taximeter Programming (Calibration)

As we have received reports from industry members of difficulties being experienced in obtaining appointments with your meter installers, NTA will permit all vehicle licence holders a 21 day period, up to 21 May 2015, to complete the taximeter reprogramming process.  NTA will not issue the €250 fixed penalty for “Failure to comply with the requirements in relation to the calibration of taximeters” for this three week period but will resume normal operations on 22 May.

Contact your chosen private meter installer now to make your booking.

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