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Latest News for SPSV Operators

This Scheme aims to encourage the wider availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Ireland’s fleet. It offers disability awareness training, together with financial assistance of up to €10,000 (depending on vehicle age) to purchase a WAV or to convert to a WAV.

Over 350 applications were received for WAV15 which opened on 01 July 2015 and closes for applications today, 30 October 2015. The original funding limit was reached and additional funding provided to facilitate the making of over 340 provisional offers.  Over 100 grant payments have already been issued.  Applications were dealt with on a first received basis.  Therefore, those who submitted applications later in the application period (01 July – 30 October 2015) have a shorter window to complete the process.

No Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme is planned for 2016.

To qualify for receipt of the WAV15 Grant all of the  following must have been completed by Monday 30 November 2015

  1. a provisional grant offer letter must have been received;
  2. the proposed wheelchair accessible vehicle must have passed its initial suitability test;
  3. the proposed wheelchair accessible vehicle must have been licensed; and
  4. the proposed driver must have completed a Disability Awareness Training Course.

Compliance Officers recorded a total of 8,601 checks of small public service vehicles during the month. As part of the day to day checks and also pre-arranged operations, seven individuals were detected operating without valid SPSV licences; two in Dublin and another five following operations carried out in Donegal. A total of 74 Fixed Payment Notices were issued to licence holders during the month.

Complaints in September 2015
A total of 75 complaints were received during September. The majority of these complaints (61%) related to the behaviour of drivers.

Prosecutions in September 2015
Twenty five cases were heard before District Courts around the country during September. Of these cases, thirteen were successfully prosecuted, five were unsuccessful and seven cases were adjourned to be heard at a later date.

The Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme 2015 has received over 300 applications. Since the Scheme opened in July, 46 applicants have already had their newly purchased WAV licensed, received their disability awareness training and been paid their Grant.

Available funding has been reached and applicants are being dealt with on a first come, first served basis.  Currently, we are awaiting responses to 140 Provisional Grant Offer Letters, with a further 80 applicants on the waiting list awaiting assessment.

In the coming weeks, Provisional Grant Offer Letters will automatically lapse having reached their three month deadline from date of issue without having had a vehicle fully licensed.  Approved applicants on the waiting list will receive a Provisional Grant Offer Letter as the current Provisional Offers lapse.

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