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This Scheme aims to encourage the wider availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles in Ireland’s fleet. It offers disability awareness training, together with financial assistance of up to €10,000 (depending on vehicle age) to purchase a WAV or to convert to a WAV.  Over 170 grants have issued to date.

The last date for the receipt by the Authority of applications for the WAV16 Grant Scheme is FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER 2016.

To qualify for receipt of the WAV16 Grant all of the following must have been completed by 30 November 2016:

  1. a provisional grant offer letter must have been received;
  2. the proposed wheelchair accessible vehicle must have passed its initial suitability test;
  3. the proposed wheelchair accessible vehicle must have been licensed;
  4. the proposed driver must have completed a Disability Awareness Training Course; and
  5. the completed payment form must have been received by the Authority.


Applications are dealt with on a first received basis.  Therefore, those who submit applications later in the application period (01 July – 30 October 2015) will have a shorter window to complete the process.

To support the wider availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) in Ireland’s SPSV fleet, WAV16 offers financial grant and training assistance, nationwide, of up to €10,000 for the purchase or conversion of a new WAV.  There is a sliding scale of grants available with lesser monies being available for older cars. Cars older than 6 years will not qualify for this Scheme.

Over 300 Provisional Grant Offers of up to €10,000 each have issued since the commencement of WAV16 on 01 April last.

Due to the unexpected availability of further funding, the National Transport Authority has reopened WAV16 for applications.

The limitation of two wheelchair accessible vehicle grants per person has been lifted.

No other amendments to the Terms and Conditions have been made.

Download and read the detail contained in these documents before you apply for the WAV16 Scheme – available on our website at the Forms and Guides page:

  1. Information Guide for WAV16 (Information for Grant Scheme Applicants 2016)
  2. Terms and Conditions for WAV16 Grant Scheme 2016
  3. Application Form WAV16A for the 2016 Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Grant Scheme

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