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SPSV Industry Newsletter Issue 23 – July 2013

Booking Service for Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and Hackneys

The National Transport Authority, in association with the National Disability Authority, is conducting a pilot programme for the single point of contact for ordering wheelchair accessible taxis and hackneys.  This service was tendered and awarded to ABC Taxis in Cork.  The pilot programme will commence on the 6th of August and will run for an initial period of three months.

Wheelchair Booking Service Ad

Text Facility- Driver to Vehicle Link

The National Transport Authority has introduced a new service that will enable industry members to link driver to vehicle details by text message. This new service is called Text Facility.

In your browser go to

In the news section you will find a step by step guide to register for this service and how to link your driver details to an SPSV. If you are registered for the portal, log on using your email and password to begin registration.

SPSV Skills Development Programme

The 4th edition of The Official Manual for Operating in the SPSV Industry is now available to download. For all candidates sitting the exam after 5 July, they will be required to use edition 4 as a study aid

Note: Please check the website regularly for updates

Taxi Branding

Authorised Suppliers for Taxi Branding

The NTA has appointed a number of firms who have been approved as Authorised Suppliers for the supply and installation of taxi door signage that is required for taxi licence renewals and vehicle changes since 1st January 2013. The List of List of Authorised Suppliers is available here.  Only door signage fitted by an Authorised Supplier will be passed by the NTA at licence inspections.

Further additional Authorised Suppliers will be added shortly.

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SPSV Industry Newsletters

SPSV Industry Newsletter Issue 23 – July 2013

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Check your First Aid Kits

The requirement to carry a specified first aid kit in your SPSV was introduced in early 2009 (S.I. 569 of 2008 as amended). Some items contained within those kits are likely to be marked with expiration dates, usually items that cannot be guaranteed sterile after those printed dates.

It is rare that the kit itself will be marked with a single expiry date on it: we advise therefore that you check the component items in your kit and replace them if required, to ensure that it will pass the next licensing inspection.

Please dispose of any expired items safely.

Government Taxi Review Report January 31 2012

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