Additional Rules of Operation for Hackneys and Limousines

In operation, hackneys and local area hackneys must:

  • Agree the fare to be charged in advance (the fare is not calculated on a taximeter);
  • Provide a written receipt containing specific information on payment of the fare;
  • Be pre-booked (may not be hailed on the street or stand for hire at a taxi rank);
  • From the time of receipt of the notification of the hire to its completion, carry a document in the vehicle showing the
    details of the booking (name of hirer, starting point and destination, fare agreed);
  • Not use bus lanes;
  • Not display signs or advertisements except as prescribed by the National Transport Authority.

Wheelchair accessible hackneys

In addition to the rules of operation for hackneys, wheelchair accessible hackneys must:

  • Have the required specialist equipment including boarding aids, wheelchair anchorages and suitable seatbelts;
  • Accommodate at least one person seated in their wheelchair and at least three other passengers;
  • Have the accessibility symbol displayed on the accessible passenger door;
  • Give priority to bookings for people with disabilities.


The rules for hackneys apply also to limousines, with the exception of the requirement to carry a document showing details of the booking.