Hackney and Limousine Fares

Customers must pre-book hackneys and limousines and agree the fare before the journey starts. A hackney driver is required to carry a document in the vehicle showing the details of the booking (name of hirer, starting point and destination, fare agreed) at all times from the time of receipt of the notification of the hire to its completion.

Hackney and limousine drivers should keep records that show:

  • The journeys they have taken;
  • The fares they charged for the journeys; and
  • The receipts they issued.

The National Transport Authority can ask to see these records at any time.

Hackney and limousine receipts

Under SPSV Regulations, hackney and limousine receipts must include the following information:

  • SPSV licence number;
  • Vehicle registration number;
  • Total fare;
  • Date;
  • Receipt number;
  • Signature of driver;

In addition, hackney receipts must show the distance travelled.