Responsibilities of an SPSV Vehicle Licence Holder

The holder of an SPSV vehicle licence may permit the licensed vehicle to be operated by any holder of an SPSV driver licence, in accordance with the terms of the driver licence.


1. The holder of an SPSV driver licence may stand or ply for hire in a taxi only in the county (or counties) for which the driver is licensed.

2. A local area hackney may be used to offer services only within the area specified in the vehicle licence.

3. The only category of SPSV for which the holder of a local area hackney driver licence is licensed to drive is a local area hackney, and the area within which they are licensed to offer services is specified in the driver licence.

The vehicle licence holder must:

  • Ensure that the person driving is fully licensed and insured to drive the vehicle as an SPSV;
  • Keep a record of the driver’s SPSV driver licence and insurance details; and
  • Retain these records for inspection by the National Transport Authority on request.

Renting the vehicle to another person for use as an SPSV

The regulations permit a vehicle licence holder to rent the vehicle to another person. The person providing the rental must own the vehicle and be the holder of the vehicle licence, and must provide appropriate insurance for the period of the rental. The rental of an SPSV licence only (without the vehicle) is not permitted.

The person providing the rental must notify the Authority of the rental, either using SPSV Online Services or by calling the SPSV industry information line. They must provide the Authority with the renter’s SPSV driver licence number and the vehicle registration number, and they must maintain a record of the vehicle licence associated with the rental agreement.

A person who is permitted to remain in Ireland as the holder of a Stamp 2 visa issued by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service of the Department of Justice & Equality is not permitted to rent a licensed vehicle to operate as an SPSV.