Driver to Vehicle Link

The National Transport Authority maintains a database of links between each licensed SPSV and its current driver. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that this information is current at all times by informing the Authority whenever they take over the operation of an SPSV.

The National Transport Authority

If you own and operate only one vehicle, and that vehicle is never operated by anyone else, you need notify the Authority only once in relation to that vehicle. If, however, a vehicle is operated by more than one driver, each driver must notify the Authority each and every time they commence operating that vehicle.

If either your driver or vehicle licence expires, or if you change the vehicle associated with your licence, any links on these licences will be broken. You will need to notify the Authority of the vehicle you wish to driver before resuming operations.

The Authority provides a number of ways for you to keep this operational data up to date. You can do it by using SPSV Online Services:

  • SPSV Online Services module
  • SPSV Industry App, which can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes and Android app stores
  • The SMS service or
  • The SPSV Industry Information Line at 0761 064 000