Taxi Ranks

Taxi Rank Guidelines

Local authorities (in consultation with An Garda Síochána) are responsible for planning the location of taxi ranks, deciding on their size and hours of operation, building and maintaining them, and managing their use. The National Transport Authority’s role in this regard is limited to offering advice and guidelines to the local authorities.

  • Taxis standing at an official taxi rank must be available for hire;
  • Drivers should not leave a taxi unattended at a taxi rank;
  • Customers have the right to choose which taxi they hire – they do not necessarily have to hire the first taxi in the queue;
  • A taxi may be hailed and hired by a customer in close proximity to a taxi rank;
  • Hackneys and limousines are not permitted to stand for hire at a taxi rank; and
  • No extra charge is payable by customers for hiring a taxi from a rank.