Apply for an SPSV Driver Licence

To apply for an SPSV driver licence, follow the steps below:

Obtain and fill in form

Obtain a PSV 15/18 application form from your local Garda station.

Pay fee

Pay the relevant licence fee to the National Transport Authority. You can do this over the phone using a credit or debit card (phone 0761 064000). The Authority will issue you with a receipt for this fee. (Note that this fee is non-refundable: you should pay it only after you have successfully completed the SPSV Entry Test and are confident that you can satisfy all the other conditions for licensing.)

Obtain photographs

Obtain 3 identical photographs, each measuring approximately 10cm by 7cm, showing your head and shoulders and complying in other respects with standards for passport photographs.

Submit application

For new applications please complete the PSV 15 application form and submit it to the Garda station nearest to your residence , along with:

  • Your photographs;
  • A printout of your electronic tax clearance certificate along with your tax clearance access number provided by Revenue;
  • Your driving licence;
  • Your SPSV Skills Development Certificate (not required in applications for local area hackney driver licences);
  • The receipt for your licence fee;
  • A written undertaking that you will not drive an SPSV for more than 11 hours on any three consecutive days;
  • Details of any other occupation in which you are engaged, including name and address of employer (if relevant), and, if that other occupation involves driving, evidence that you have informed the employer of your intention to apply for an SPSV driver licence;
  • A declaration that your health does not materially affect your ability to drive an SPSV, and that you are not taking drugs or medication that would be likely to impair your ability to drive safely;
  • A declaration that you have not been convicted of any of the offences specified in section 30(3) or the Schedule to the Taxi Regulation Act 2013; and
  • Any other documents requested by An Garda Síochána.

If you hold a local area hackney (vehicle) licence and are applying for a local area hackney driver licence, you must provide evidence that your application relates to the area for which the local area hackney licence was granted.

What happens next?

Your application will be processed by An Garda Síochána. The process includes an assessment of you as a suitable person to hold an SPSV driver licence. This may take up to twelve weeks to complete. All queries in relation to your application should be directed to An Garda Síochána as the licensing authority.

If your application is successful, the Gardaí will issue you with an SPSV driver licence and inform the National Transport Authority. The Authority then sends you the driver identification cards that you are required to keep with you at all times while you are operating as an SPSV driver.

If you are issued with a regular SPSV driver licence, you are entitled to drive any of the six categories of SPSV (taxi, wheelchair accessible taxi, hackney, wheelchair accessible hackney, local area hackney, limousine). The vehicle you drive must be licensed as an SPSV. If it is a taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi, you may stand or ply for hire only in the county (or counties) for which you are licensed. If it is a local area hackney, you must not provide or advertise the provision of hackney services outside the area specified on the vehicle licence. And in all cases you must provide the Authority with details of any vehicle you are driving as an SPSV.

If you are issued with a local area hackney driver licence, you are entitled to drive local area hackneys only, and only to offer services within the area specified on your licence and on the licence of the vehicle you are driving