Rights and Responsibilities

Your SPSV driver licence entitles you to drive a licensed SPSV and to stand or ply for hire in a taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi in the county or counties specified on your driver identification card. Your licence also brings with it certain responsibilities that you must bear in mind.

Your rights:


  • It is your right to be paid the full fare for each hire.
  • You may terminate the hire of your vehicle whenever the passenger fails or refuses to pay the fare.

Right to refuse service

You may reasonably refuse:

  • To undertake journeys of more than 30km (in a taxi);
  • To allow passengers to consume food or drink in your vehicle;
  • To carry, or continue to carry, passengers who are acting in a disorderly, abusive or offensive manner; and
  • To carry, or continue to carry, passengers who are likely to soil or damage the vehicle.

Your responsibilities

Unreasonable refusal of service

You may not refuse service, except as outlined above. (In particular, a taxi may not unreasonably refuse service for a journey of 30km or less.)


  • Unless otherwise agreed with the customer in advance and in writing, taxis may not charge more than the metered fare.
  • Taxis must have a working taximeter that has been calibrated and verified in accordance with the national maximum taxi fare.
  • Hackneys and limousines may not charge more than the agreed fare.

Customer service

  • You should be courteous, helpful and well presented.
  • You must have a good knowledge of major routes and destinations, and you must follow any direction or route chosen by the passenger.
  • The vehicle must be clean and roadworthy.
  • You must offer reasonable assistance with luggage.

Guide dogs/assistance dogs/mobility aids

You must carry guide dogs, assistance dogs and mobility aids for passengers who need them, at no extra charge.


  • Taxi drivers must give customers a printed receipt from the printer attached to the taximeter.
  • Hackney and limousine drivers must give customers a written receipt.


  • You must have an understanding of the SPSV Regulations.
  • You must display the tamper-proof licence discs and driver identification card.
  • You must comply with seatbelt regulations.

You must stand or ply for hire only in the county named on your driver identification card (in a taxi).