Your Driver Licence

Requirements for licensing

To qualify for an SPSV driver licence, you must:

  • Hold a driving licence from the EU, EEA or another recognised state
  • Show that your tax affairs are up to date by producing a current tax clearance certificate
  • First time applicants must pass the SPSV Entry Test to obtain the Skills Development Certificate. This test verifies that you have a good knowledge of the area (county) in which you operate and that you understand the SPSV Regulations and general road traffic legislation*. You will have to have a good knowledge of all the regulations that apply to SPSV operators in order to pass the SPSV Entry Test.
  • Be certified by An Garda Siochana as a fit and proper person to hold an SPSV driver licence.

*If as a taxi driver you propose to stand or ply for hire in more than one county, you will need to pass the Area Knowledge Test for each additional county.

SPSV Regulations

Whether you drive your own vehicle, a vehicle owned by someone else, or work as an employee for a dispatch operator or another third party, you must comply with the SPSV Regulations. To comply with SPSV Regulations when operating an SPSV you must specifically have the following:

1. An SPSV driver licence

  • You must have an SPSV driver licence in addition to your driving licence.
  • You must display your driver identification card clearly on the dashboard of the vehicle
  • You must also carry your driver smart card at all times when operating

2. A licensed SPSV

  • The vehicle that you operate must have a valid vehicle licence and tamper-proof licence discs

3. A valid certificate of insurance

  • The vehicle must be insured to operate as an SPSV.

For further information and a detailed list of all SPSV Regulations please refer to The Official Manual for Operating in the SPSV Industry.

Period of validity

An SPSV driver licence is currently valid for five years. It is issued by An Garda Síochána.

Can an SPSV driver licence be transferred?

An SPSV driver licence is issued to a specified individual, and cannot be used by anyone other than that person.

For more information: Contact our Information Line by phoning 0761 064000 or check the FAQ section.