SPSV Vehicle Licensing

If you want to operate an SPSV, that vehicle must be licensed as a taxi, a wheelchair accessible taxi, a hackney, a local area hackney, a wheelchair accessible hackney or a limousine. These licences are issued by the National Transport Authority to applicants who meet certain conditions and whose vehicles meet the required standards.

A vehicle licence is normally valid for twelve months from date of issue. With the exception of vintage limousines (that is vehicles licensed as limousines that were first registered before 1 January 1980), vehicles that are over ten years old (if eligible for licensing) are licensed for a maximum of six months at a time. Vehicles that are approaching their age limit are licensed only until that age limit (the vehicle’s tenth or fifteenth ‘birthday’).

At present, the National Transport Authority is accepting applications for new vehicle licences only for wheelchair accessible taxis, wheelchair accessible hackneys, local area hackneys and limousines.

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