Apply for a Vehicle Licence

How to Apply

To apply for a vehicle licence, complete Form VL1, and send it, along with the relevant fee, and any required additional documentation, to:

SPSV Licensing Section
PO Box 436
City North Business Park
Tuam Road

If you are applying for a licence for a wheelchair accessible vehicle, enclose a copy of a valid Technical Assessor’s Report with your application. (Do not send the original document.) Your tax clearance status will be verified by the Authority online with Revenue.

If you are applying for a local area hackney licence, you must provide written confirmation of the need for a service in the proposed area, from either a local business representative organisation or a local charity. You must also provide an analysis of the need for a local area hackney service in the proposed area, carried out by or on behalf of the local authority, and written confirmation from that local authority that the need is real.

Applications for New Vehicle Licences

At present, the National Transport Authority is accepting applications for new vehicle licences only for wheelchair accessible taxis, wheelchair accessible hackneys, local area hackneys and limousines.

What happens next?

If your application is approved, the Authority sends you a Conditional Offer letter, which specifies a five-digit provisional licence number. For taxis and wheelchair accessible taxis, this number is required for programming the taximeter and purchasing the matching roof sign and taxi branding. The Conditional Offer is valid for 90 days, during which you must complete the other steps in the licensing process.

Note: The Conditional Offer is not a licence to operate the vehicle as an SPSV.

The next steps are to: