Change the Vehicle on a Licence

You can change the vehicle associated with an SPSV licence, provided the replacement vehicle meets the roadworthiness and suitability requirements. You must be the legal owner of the vehicle or otherwise legally entitled to the use and possession of the vehicle (such as under a lease or hire-purchase agreement), and you must be Tax Cleared with Revenue.

Exchange of licence category

The holder of a standard taxi licence, when they change their vehicle, can exchange their licence for a wheelchair accessible taxi licence (subject to the vehicle meeting the required standards).

Similarly licence holders who have previously exchanged a standard taxi licence for a wheelchair accessible taxi licence can, when they change their vehicle, revert to a standard taxi licence.

What to do with the vehicle being replaced

Before you dispose of the vehicle that you are replacing on the licence, you should remove the tamper-proof discs from the front and rear windows of the vehicle – you must bring these with you to the Initial Suitability Inspection of the replacement vehicle.

In addition, if you hold a taxi or wheelchair accessible taxi licence, you should:

  • Remove the roof sign – this can be used on the replacement vehicle once the change of vehicle process has been completed;
  • Remove the taximeter and printer – these can be used in the replacement vehicle, but they must first be programmed and calibrated specifically for the replacement vehicle;
  • Remove the taxi branding from the front doors of the vehicle. The branding includes your SPSV licence number, and must be used only on the vehicle specified on your licence. New branding must be acquired for the replacement vehicle.

You may also want to remove the safety equipment and passenger communication aids – these can be used in the replacement vehicle.

Missing tamper-proof discs?

If for any reason, your tamper-proof discs are not available at renewal, change of vehicle or licence transfer, you should contact the Authority on 0761 064 000 prior to the Initial Suitability Inspection or Licence Renewal Assessment. If you have documentation to explain the missing discs, you can fill out a TP1 form. This can be downloaded free of charge.

Licensing the replacement vehicle

You must not begin operating the replacement vehicle as an SPSV before you have completed the change-of-vehicle licensing process.
Before you can use the replacement vehicle as an SPSV it must pass the Initial Suitability Inspection.
The licence period for the replacement vehicle starts from the date of the Initial Suitability Inspection, irrespective of the expiry date of the licence for the vehicle it replaces.