Surrender a Vehicle Licence

A vehicle licence should be surrendered only by a vehicle licence holder who no longer intends to operate that licence and who cannot apply for transfer of the licence to another person (as in the case of a limousine, hackney, wheelchair accessible taxi or wheelchair accessible hackney licence, or a taxi licence marked as ’non-transferable’).

When a vehicle licence is surrendered, it is permanently and irreversibly deactivated. Before doing this, therefore, you should be certain that this is what you want to do.

Surrendering your Licence

To surrender your licence:

  • Complete the ‘I wish to surrender this Licence’ form on the back of the licence certificate.
  • Read the declaration and then sign and date it to confirm that you understand and accept it.
  • Send the completed form and the tamper-proof discs to the Authority at the following address:

SPSV Licensing Section
PO Box 436

City North Business Park
Tuam Road
You will normally receive a response within five working days of receipt of this form. The Authority may request additional information or documentation in support of your application.