Vehicle Requirements

Vehicles licensed as SPSVs must satisfy a number of roadworthiness and suitability criteria.


All SPSVs must satisfy the same roadworthiness requirements as private motor vehicles (the National Car Test, or NCT) – the only difference is that an SPSV must be tested and pass the roadworthiness test before it is first licensed and each time its licence is renewed – every year for most SPSVs and every six months for SPSVs that are over ten years old. To see a list of what is checked please visit the NCT website.

For more information on booking your test please visit the NCT website

(An NCT is not required for a vehicle that is less than three months old and that has travelled less than 3,000 kilometres.)

Suitability requirements for all SPSVs

Vehicles licensed as SPSVs must carry safety equipment and specific items to assist communication with passengers. The vehicle must satisfy requirements relating to age and size, and it must be insured to be driven for hire or reward. There are further requirements depending on the category of SPSV for which it is licensed.

Follow the links below to learn more about each requirement:

Additional suitability requirements for specific categories of SPSV

In addition to the above requirements that apply to all SPSVs, each category of SPSV has a number of specific requirements.