Additional Suitability Requirements for Limousines

Type of vehicle

The vehicle must be a passenger vehicle whose style and condition makes it suitable for hire for ceremonial and corporate occasions.

No advertising

A limousine may not display any sign or advertisement unless it has been prescribed by the National Transport Authority. Some limited exceptions apply relating to the rear number plate – see the Initial Suitability Inspection Manual for details.

Assessor’s Basic Report

If the vehicle has been modified from its original specification (for example, a vehicle fitted with additional or non-standard seating and/or seatbelts, a stretched vehicle, or a kit car), you must obtain an  Assessor’s Basic  Report for the vehicle before it is first licensed. This must be dated within 60 days of the date of the Initial Suitability Inspection. The Assessor’s Basic  Report must confirm that the modifications comply with all aspects of the Road Traffics Acts, Construction Equipment and Use regulations and, as applicable, regulations relating to vehicle standards made under the Taxi Regulation Act 2013 as amended. A template for this is available, and this template must be used.  You must bring a copy of this report and any associated documents with you to the Initial Suitability Inspection as the inspector will retain them.