Your Initial Suitability Inspection

Required in all circumstances:

Required in certain circumstances only:

Booking an Initial Suitability Inspection

Book your Initial Suitability Inspection by calling 0761 064000. You must have insurance and NCT certificates to hand when calling to book your Initial Suitability Inspection, as you will need to give the details over the phone. The booking must be made by the person applying for the licence; security questions will be asked to confirm your identity.

The booking agent will verify your insurance and NCT details, and check that you own the vehicle. You will also be asked to confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions associated with the issue of an SPSV licence. An appointment for an Initial Suitability Inspection will be offered only if all the documentation is valid and verified. The appointment can only be offered within the time period during which all of your documents are valid and your vehicle meet the age rules.

Licensing centres

The Initial Suitability Inspection takes place at one of the vehicle licensing centres around the country.

Presenting for the inspection

The Initial Suitability Inspection Manual outlines the inspection criteria.

If the vehicle has been modified from its original specification, you must bring a copy of the Engineer’s Report or the Technical Assessor’s Report for the vehicle with you to the Initial Suitability Inspection.

Your insurance cover will again be confirmed on the day of inspection with reference to your insurance disc. If your vehicle is not suitably insured on the day of your Initial Suitability Inspection, the licence will not be issued.

Appointments for vehicle licensing inspection

You can cancel or reschedule an appointment for a vehicle licensing inspection without charge up to two working days before the appointment.

If you cancel or reschedule on the working day immediately before the appointment, a late cancellation fee is charged.
You cannot cancel or reschedule a vehicle licensing inspection on the day of the appointment – if you do not present the vehicle for inspection at the appointed time, the entire fee is forfeit.

What happens if I pass?

Once you have satisfied the National Transport Authority’s licensing conditions and your vehicle has passed the Initial Suitability Inspection, the Licensing Inspector records the details on the Register of Licensed SPSVs and applies tamper-proof discs to the front and rear windows of the vehicle.
The vehicle may then be operated as an SPSV in the category to which the licence applies.
A licence certificate will be issued by post to the vehicle licence holder’s address.
Once the vehicle is licensed, you must have the meter verified and sealed by the Legal Metrology Service.