Vehicle requirements for new SPSV vehicle licences

To qualify for an SPSV vehicle licence, the vehicle must meet a number of requirements, as set out below:

Roadworthiness: An NCT roadworthiness certificate must be issued for the vehicle no more than 90 days before the date of the Initial Suitability Inspection. (Note: An NCT certificate is not required for a vehicle that is less than three months old and that has travelled less than 3,000 kilometres.)

Suitability: The vehicle must meet the requirements for operation as an SPSV in the category specified on the licence application. The Initial Suitability Inspection Manual gives details of the items that are inspected to verify the vehicle’s suitability.

Download the Initial Suitability Inspection Manual.

The Authority has produced a model report for many vehicles indicating whether or not they meet the size requirements.

View the Model Report Database

Before you purchase a vehicle for use as an SPSV, you should check the model report for the vehicle, or, if there is no model report, contact the Authority for advice.

All vehicles must have the required safety equipment.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles must be tested by a qualified Technical Assessor, who must complete a Technical Assessor’s Report to certify that the vehicle meets all the required standards. This report must be dated no more than 90 days before the date of the Initial Suitability Inspection.

Taxis and Wheelchair accessible taxis must have a regulation roof sign and a taximeter connected to a printer installed. These can be installed and approved branding applied to the front doors only after you have received a Conditional Offer from the Authority.

Vehicles licensed as limousines must be suitable for prestigious or ceremonial use. If the vehicle is under 30 years of age, the engine must be larger than 1900cc. It must comply with all the requirements for limousines set out in the Initial Suitability Inspection Manual.